School and its difficulties and advantages for aspiesIMG_00000496

This year I started secondary school.

It’s a big jump since primary cos u don’t have just the one teacher, you have loads. Some of the teachers are better understanding me that others. Mum had lots of meetings with the school and gave them loads of information like I like to sit on my legs, sometimes sit with my knee up, that I’m fidgety etc. here are my subjects

French – at first spelling was really hard so now I get notes on my USB and I get handouts from the teacher of new vocabulary so that makes it easier.

Irish – again from Irish I get handouts and USB work, but I sometimes get the oral pronunciation from the teacher recorded onto my USB which really helps.

Music – I love music and there is NO disadvantages and nothing extra needed.

Maths – I don’t get handouts in maths and sometimes the teacher tells us stuff in a way that gets me confused. Also maths is challenging because its a new topic every week, so there isn’t much time spent on each one and checking understanding. Mum has to help teach me in a way I get it at home.

English – English is dead easy cos I love to read and write stories.

Geography – I had a really good and funny sub teacher while my real teacher was on maternity leave, and he understood me really well , though the REAL teacher didn’t understand me as well when she came back first but we talked and now we get on well.. It would be handy if I got a handout from geography.

Science – I really like science cos in primary school we NEVER did it. So it was new. It’s hard cos we skip from topic to topic VERY quick which gets me confused cos I don’t know if I’ve done it or not. My teacher has recently started giving handouts which is handy.

Religion – I really like the teacher and she likes me though at the start she was quite angry with the class. She gives me lots of merits and lets me read a lot.

History – I have a really funny teacher who understands me really well and he likes the fact that I ask questions that are a bit different. History is interesting cos it teaches you stuff about the presents. Revision lists would come in handy.

I.C.T.  – I’m really good on computers and I find most things a walk in the park.

P.E. – I’m really sporty so I love P.E. I only got into sport cos mum and dad thought It was a good thing for aspies to do. I love keeper cos I hate contact. When I start a new sport I make an excuse not to do it and just watch and decide would I like it.

P.D. – I introduced my autism to my class in this subject so they would get me.

Lunch – I have a lunch pass which makes me popular at lunch. its for me and i choose 2 friends.

Choir – I was nervous the first day but was fine after. mam made me go and she was right.

Library – I do my homework in here sometimes and I obviously read here.



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