Last night was really good cos it was my cousin zoes birthday party and she was having a sleepover party with all her girlfriends . it was really fun and lots of her friends were there. I found it quite hard cos they were in my primary school class and it had been ages since I’d seen them.  Plus I was the only boy.

At first I was nervous – cos of me being the only boy – but once I started talking to them I couldn’t really stop! We had cake and then the unthinkable happened!

Me and my other cousin were trying to ding dong ditch them but they caught me and hauled me into my cousins bedroom. It took them a while to think of what they would to to me. But then they started putting lipstick on me and then I realised that they were going to put makeup on me!! It was actually quite fun cos I was used to putting on my makeup cos of Panto and Joseph. When I came down I looked like a beaten up chicken.

After I took it off ( somehow! ) we were going to go home. But then my aunt said would I like to stay the night. My heart skipped a beat! I said yes and then we watched men in black 3 then we went to bed. It was a really fun day.

so sometimes things you are anxious about can turn out ok or even you can enjoy them.

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