22nd of January is my neice’s birthday. She was in the same class as Fionn in Primary School, and through her he managed to develop a network of friends… slightly!!.

That particular birthday must have been a school day, as I rang wee Zoe in the evening to wish her a Happy 12th Birthday – as a good aunty would do. And she let me sing to her and talk about the day and the presents, but then she said, “i have something a bit funny to tell you”

… And it was:

Helen, this morning  I sent Fionn a text and it said, ” today is my birthday”.

And he wrote a reply and said, ” I know!”

(i love autism!- when it is Fionn’s)

end of conversation!!!!

So i (mum) called him in this evening, and he then texted her “happy Birthday. Oh and Mum says I was a bit autistic this morning!”