Parent’s prelude :

Today we watched Holby City together.

Well there was enough to see where a child with only a literal use of language,  gets lost.

You “don’t like” clues mean you may fancy her?

or anger may mean she is hurting?… (helen)


 Today I decided to watch holby city with mum expecting it would just be people working in a hospital and saving lives.

I was wrong. It actually had lots of emotions in it.

There was one scene where a wee boy died and his mother cried a lot. It was sad for her and in a way I felt sad too.

There is also a lot of relationships and there was one where a girl dumped her boyfriend and that made me feel weird. And when he went out that night he was really grumpy.

And a doctor left his job for some reason.

Sometimes there are funny lines as well that i have never heard before and they are good.A bit witty!

I guess u can never judge a book by its cover or a tv show by its title.

I find it easier watching a tv show with someone so they can explain what’s happening. I get emotious ( lots of emotions)  sometimes so I like it when someone can help.