Today I got my Christmas report.

During dinner, mum handed me a piece of paper with the st. Michaels crest on it and at once I knew what it was. It was my report. It had all my grades on it.
All of my target grades were B’s and that’s what I was expecting.

          Thats what my teachers thought i would get and i would feel ok with that cos i know i’m                                         autistic and its harder for me. 

I got a real shock when I got 6 a stars, 8 a’s and only ONE b. I was really pleased with myself. It shows how much I revised and how much revising helps ( thanks mum and dad! )

Geography- in Geography i revise by my dad printing out blank maps and then calling out places and physical features and i fill them in.
Maths – maths is hard for me cos teachers old and new give me methods that seem like they are good but they confuse me cos i am better thinking about them and what they mean me to do.
History – in History my dad does spider diagrams. That helps cos then i can look at them.
Music is east. do i really need to talk about music? cos i am just naturally gifted at it i suppose. i play lots of instruments, my mum is a musician, and i am in the school choir and brass band.
Languages – in French and Irish i enjoy revision. mum calls out things and i like do the actions and all that. My mum writes new stuff into books and i practice the spellings. My language teachers are good cos they give me things on memory pens and on voice recordings. That helps with pronunciations.
Religion – there’s not much to say about revision really. Mum writes out brief bits into my book and then i look at them.
English –  english i didnt really revise anything cos i am good at comprehensions and i love creative writing. i am good at creative writing because i read so much, My writing is usually a bit funny 🙂
Art and ICT and Tech i dont revise for cos they are continuous assessment. I think continuous assessment is way better than exams as it sure takes the pressure off.
Science – Science is probably one of the hardest subjects for me, because its a new topic every week and it is all new stuff. I really like my teacher though.
PE is class dont need to revise cos we are marked all the time – its not even like a test.
Drama- don’t need to revise. i dont see why we need to get graded for drama- its not like areal subject and we haven’t really done much of it. The only thing in drama i did really well is a fake death!

I felt really happy cos its my first grades so it gives the idea to teachers that I’m a hard working boy. 🙂