After long deliberation on which school, would be best suited, as you know we settled on a best fit….and the school have worked very solidly with us, in putting in place all that we said was required.

After imaginative revision – as we had to see how each subject is best learnt and remembered…as described in previous blog…because we know best that in each subject, there are different ways of helping him learn. And if we want him to get to a point in education, where her really knows what he is best at, it is our responsibility to help him get there!

you have to become a creative thinker…each subject needs different slant on it.

  • French done by IT
  • Irish descriptors – acted out …in the schollbag, under the table…
  • Religion – scatter diagrams
  • Music – acronyms..BNB – Big Noisy Butts – BossaNova Brazil…
  • Science…think it through – dont try to remember…try to think why?
  • Geography- maps challenge on blank maps with dad
  • History- chronology games with dad.
  • Maths – draw out a table for conversion at the top of page yhen break process into steps..

he may NEVER instinctively know these things, but when we figure out HOW he learns best, we can help…and its out DUTY to help. This is our role – not something the school can do.

School projected average grades – 15 Bs – all subjects.

Fionn managed to get

6 A*s

8 As

B in drama

Aspergers means you are wired differently!

NOT that you don’t function.

FIND the way for your son!