he was 5 years old. We had noticed that in reading his favourite book – every night for months- that it still hadn’t clicked , that a tadpole would ALWAYS grow up to be a frog. So when tables – even basic addition tables came along, obviously he was NOT able to see that 2+2=4 every time. 

Being a proactive but innocent mum, i booked the appointment with the Austistic outreach Services……naively assuming that this common to all ASD children issue had a teaching technique to help….” you know, he may just be a child who never gets tables” she said – willing to write off his ability to generalise learning.

Was she stupid?

so my child could NEVER do a learning task – signed, sealed and delivered…aged 5!

no bloody way!

aspergers made him different – in wiring…in how he processes…in ways of perception…in how he thought.

aspergers did NOT limit him.

It became my mission –

to discover ways to make him learn

I also understood LOUD and CLEAR…that WE are the only experts…expertise by experience. if our child is to have a good life outcome , he or she only will with OUR input – huge commitment – but WE are the only ones who care enough NOT to write off their capacity.

  • we learned and drilled in tables almost wearing blinkers – eye to eye, one to one.
  • we pointed out to the school that he needs to keep revising concepts or they are forgotten.
  • to TELL his secondary school how he works and what he needs – rather than have them faff about and waste time discovering what i know.
  • to learn Irish and French colours through the colours of gaelic and soccer strips
  • to show him how to summarise as you know that come exams he will need all that done- and it will keep learning by rote to a minimum,
  • to bolster his confidence so much that he sees unlimited options…overly so!
  • to be determined and to learn – like your child does- to think OUTSIDE the BOX…when one way doesn’t work , come at it from a different angle…
  • be ready to write a note to the maths teacher, telling him your child needs to understand the mathematical thinking, and leans a gimicky method, he will forget – there was a LOT of advantages to the old fashioned way of teaching maths!
  • persevere...
  • your child is NOT defective…look at him like YOU are the expert…look for the chinks…the interests…the things that he is good at and start there!
  • its a LONGTERM work of art…but it is a one off…be proud of it!
  • Fionn comes regularly and thanks me for knowing him and understanding him so well…
  • That’s my prize 🙂

mum xexpert