This week in school I was absolutely flying in my maths.

I don’t know what was different but I seemed to be cracking!

We were doing equivalent fractions and moving fractions into percentages and decimals.

Our maths teacher,  Mr Quinn signalled me out for one of my methods.

The question was to work out what was biggest and smallest and the possibilities were 5/8  1/2   8-14

I knew straight away that 1/2 was smallest because the other two had one more fraction than half.

To work out the biggest I knew that a eighth is bigger than a fourteenth and they were both one bigger than a half which meant that 5/8 would be bigger.

All was going well until the last question of homework which was…..

The human body produces 1.8 pints of saliva a day… After that I freaked! Lol 🙂drool