• one thing i dont like about being sick is that nothing ever tastes right.
  • i always think im always really cold but it is really that i have a temperature.
  • my breath is always smelly
  • my throat is always flavourless.
  • i dont like the stabby pulsy pain in my head.
  • when i walk my head hurts more.
  • mum makes me put a cold cloth on my head and i hate it. it is too slobbery and weird.
  • drinks are hard to take down.
  • i have to lie on the sofa and that is sometimes boring cos there is nothing on the TV.
  • sometimes i feel like just falling asleep.
  • mum doesnt let me play on my playstation or ipod or devices – which is pretty annoying!
  • when my head hurts i dont get to enjoy my own programmes the same.

BUT i get to sleep with mum 🙂

BUT i do miss my own bed cos it is the place where i am most comfortable in the world.