We had to do homework a few weeks ago and pick from 5 Bible phrases the one that he probably said to us when he made us.

i picked the one “you are a work of Art” from Ephesians.

then we had to say what in our own times and our kind of language what we think he might be saying to us now.

i said he might be saying to me

  1. you have been doing very well in your new school
  2. with the Aspergers i gave you you are adjusting very well in a new situation
  3. you are very special and you have found your own unique talents
  4. you are trying very hard and keep up the great work – my favorite work of art!

i picked that one because when you’re getting stick, you can remember that you are unique.


oh and i like this picture cos I think it reminds me of me. it has kinda mad hair, and reddy cheeks and is a bit hyper.