“Last Night while i lay thinking here

Some What ifs crawled inside my ear

and pranced and partied all night long

and sang the same old what if song”….

  • What if my face would explode?
  • What if i turned into an ugly toad?
  • What if my hair got set on fire?
  • or what if i turned into a hobbit from the Shire?
  • What if i was on Santa’s naughty list?
  • or what if i went to University and wasn’t missed?
  • What if i was homeless?
  • and what if my life was pointless?
  • What if all my family died?
  • What if my legs and arms were tied?
  • What if i was not myself any more?
  • and my life began to be a bore?
  • What if my eyes got sprayed with mace?
  • or what if i had a woman’s face?

“Everything seems well and then

the nightmare What ifs start again”….