when I play football, I kinda forget what’s around me and where I am. When I played for ballinamallard, i didn’t like it because nobody understood me and i didn’t understand myself or my condition because i was only about 6 or 7.so i gave up football for a few years.

a few years later, when i understood myself i went back to football and played for enniskillen rangers. Mum and Dad were nervous about because they weren’t sure if i could manage to fit in. They knew i was good at the football part, but we all knew the mixing with people part was harder. and i love it. i still play and am currently playing u12, u13 and u14.

I play gaelic too. It is much more physical and a lot more contact. I figured out cos i didn’t like tackling hard that i should try in goals. I am a good goalie cos i am not afraid to lunge or do anything like that. So now i can still play gaelic.