Hi my name is Fionn. I am ten years old and am in primary six.

I have Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD. This makes it hard for me to concentrate or to sit still. At school my classroom assistant helps me concentrate and helps me sit still. She takes me outta class to see what I know and don’t know so she’ll see if I need to do more work on it. At home my mum helps me with stuff I don’t understand and to remember to do stuff that I have to. I am very unorganised.

I have blue eyes, blond longish hair and have curved pinky fingers.

I learned to make friends in my second year of school and now I have loads of friends. Most know I have autism and they make sure I’m happy and not sad!

I enjoy playing football and I also love to play on the playstation 3 and love to read.

I play tennis, soccer, Gaelic, swimming and I am very musical.

In school if find English easy and maths hard but am brilliant at tables. Some teachers are really good explainers.

I get anxious when I’m not sure about people or when I meet a person on the street. I do not like getting blamed for things I do not do. When I get upset I need a tight hug from my mum. Or I can play ball against a wall to help me relax. I do not like smells that are not pleasant and do not like getting touched.

I want to go to St Michael’s college and I hope I will be able to do well and get used to it.

When I’m older I want to be a policemen or a pro footballer.

I like having autism.


By Fionn Hamill.