BODMAS – MATHS Processing .



i know it means:

  1. brackets
  2. order – like squared and stuff
  3. division
  4. multiplication
  5. addition
  6. subtraction.


at the minute we are doing negative and positive numbers.

so i get worked up.

Last Thursday mum and I worked through it together – we took it step by step – each step got a new line.

Yesterday I did the other half of the same exercise and i was forgetting to do them line by line and stuff. there were too many processes and things to remember…and i got all confused.

and if its 3x5x-1 is that just you negative the answer?

MATHS is the main subject to annoy me like this because it has lots of steps to doing it and i go wrong at the steps. I always do them as one big one instead of one step at a time.

Yesterday my algebra had like p(p-q)/r-t

and i did the whole thing remembered the algebra, the negative numbers but NOT the BODMAS.

i wish they did it in small parts…like a, the b, then c…cos i could easily do each part! This is what annoys me cos i GET each one on its own! :(imp

now we are about to do them together.

by Fionn

PS:  Mum also says about rules and methods try NOT to remember cos you will always forget, try to THINK mathsy…like you have a toolkit in your head and you have to figure out which tool to use.
but i find it so hard.
even though i can do each bit.



am excited.

am going somewhere i want to go.

BUT it also feels when i am excited that I feel a bit nervous .. even a bit anxious… my tummy feels a bit unsettled….i had to go out and use energy and play -kicked a ball against a wall for a few minutes.

i KNOW i WANT to go the thing, but it is a NEW thing…so i have my WHAT-IFS.

i think when I get there i will probably feel fine.

Mum has just asked “how you you think everyone else feels?” – and i think fine.

Mum says “really Fionn? All of them? Except you?” …- yes probably is my answer.

but then maybe some others aren’t even looking forward to it.

i think it will be FINE.

cos i have done things LIKE THIS but not the same before…and they ended up enjoyable.

So i think it is just that I am getting nervous waiting to go!

(PS.. am ready for over half an hour!)

by Fionn

mum has NOW asked “how do you think players feel before a huge final?”…and i think probably a bit nervous! So that means am okay!


mum shouted “ENJOY!”…




i love helping people understand aspergers.

i love helping people understand aspergers.

the website is for PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS.
The guy who runs has asked me if he can use my blog in it a few times.
The answer is always “YES” and i hope it helps some people to understand how to make life easier in the classroom.

He said this about my blog. It is really kind!

I just came across this blog, Autistic and Proud, in the past few months and have been eagerly reading all the articles since. In my opinion, the blog is unique in that it is written by Fionn Hamill, a twelve year old boy with Aspergers (“aspies” as he regularly refers to himself in a mildly irreverent way!) and his mother Helen. They write about life for someone on the autistic spectrum from the point of view of the child and the parent. Helen says that the blog title was Fionn’s idea and that it gives him the “opportunity to help the world understand how it looks through his eyes”.

Helen and Fionn have kindly given Seomra Ranga permission to re-publish material that was first published on Autistic and Proud. Here, they give advice for teachers on what school life is like for a pupil with autism and how schools can help to make school life easier for them. It is a great insight for classroom teachers who may have an ASD pupil in their classroom.

Thankyou Damien,
from Fionn


What teachers should know about aspergers

What teachers should know about aspergers

Teachers sometimes do not understand aspergers. Over the years i have had some brilliant teachers and some who don’t teach in a way aspies can benefit. They don’t do it deliberately but if they understood it would be a lot more easy to teach us. And there are some things that teachers could do to make it more easy for us to learn.

( by the way i LIKE all my teachers ! this isn’t directed at any of you! )

A few are……..


  • Not letting us sit on our knees, that is a comfortable position.
  • Not letting us walk around in class, we must always be active.
  • Not letting us fidget with our hands.
  • A lot of us like to doodle or draw squiggly lines, teachers don’t like that.
  • Keep an eye that we understand
  • Sometimes our faces and bodies give small teachersclues that we might be a bit annoyed or don’t understand – like my twitchy mouth.
  • We constantly like sharpening our pencils, well, I do, but teachers don’t approve.
  • We ask a lot of questions to make things easier but teachers tell us to put our hands down.
  • We feel the need to talk when we are bored, and we never learn our lesson so they have to keep telling us, we don’t mean it.
  • We should have fidget toys to keep us relaxed, eg: blue tack.
  • We need as much learning support as we can get, like printouts and stuff on USB stick etc.
  • We should all get extra time for an exam, for sometimes we work a bit slower than the rest. (I get extra time but other people might not.)
  • That we think outside the box and they should respect our opinion.
  • To phrase everything as it is and make it easy to understand.
  • Never use idioms or sarcasm
  • We speak sometimes before we put our hand up – it isn’t deliberate, it’s a thing about understanding . As soon as you speak, you remember the hand should be up
  • In a double class when we have to concentrate for a long time, allow us a wee break to move – even to go to the toilet.
  • Organisation is a huge problem not a choice. I can’t help that my schoolbag is a tip. I don’t mean it to be.
  • My handwriting is bad, and I doodle, but I can’t help it. My pencil grip is very tight cos of my hypermobile joints.
  • Things like drawing margins and keeping your book beautiful is never going to happen easily for me.
  • I prefer to write in pencil, and am thinking others do, cos we make more mistakes. So it makes rubbing out easier.
  • My uniform might not be tidy as I don’t like the feeling of the collar on my neck or the tie too tight.
  • Make sure your face matches what you are trying to say – it can be hard to read.
  • A revision list at the end of each chapter. Sometimes like geography it is hard to know what exactly we learn.
  • It is hard for Aspies to skip from topic to topic so teachers should try not to skip out chunks of pages
  • we have lots more ability than inability!photo 3 (7)

These are a few things that would make school easier.

By Fionn.


me and my team

Me and my team
Most people who like football, like good Premiership football teams like man utd, liverpool, Chelsea and other teams like that. Some from la liga.

But not me.
I love liverpool a lot and have done for as long as I’ve been into football.
But recently (well not recently, for one or two years) I have got into a team who isn’t that great or well known.
I like a team called CREWE ALEXANDRA and they play in league 1 in England (which is two divisions lower than the premier league).
People often ask me why I like this team.
And it’s because I used them in Fifa when i was playing on my ipad. I pressed the “random team” button, and the iPad picked Crewe, and I thought it was fun.

I had no idea WHO played for them, managed them, what their team strip was – i knew NOTHING about them.

I decided to keep playing as Crewe cos it was more of a challenge- cos in the ratings, players, money etc…meant it was more fun and more of a challenge than to play with a BIG team.

Then I started getting into checking how Crewe were doing in real life.

I now have a few crewe strips!

I know the team and all the players cos i researched them and i watched some matches.

So on a match day – I am waiting to hear how CREWE are doing…(and it’s usually quite disappointing:) )

In school, I often get slagged and teased about supporting this team, but I don’t mind because that’s football and we always tease a person if their team loses. It’s just that nobody else knows them so definitely none of the boys i know support them.

Crewe aren’t very good, they don’t win very often.
Their nickname is the railway men, because there is a big train station in crewe.
They haven’t won a league game yet after 6 games.

Mum calls me brave to support a team like crewe because nobody else does, and she thinks it cool, but other people think its weird. But as I said, I don’t really mind. I think people should have their own opinions and not worry about that.

I love crewe!

By fionnIMG_00000046


annoying habits and fidgets

i wrote this about 2 years ago. I was 12. I think a lot of my habits are fidget things. And i have ADHD as part of my Aspergers.

i wrote THIS one about the same kinda thing. about 6 months later.

So aged 14. am i different a lot? I think all aspergers people seem to have way too much energy…its partly cos there is sensory thing – sensatious i call it.

Some Doctors give aspies medicine to calm down the ADHD.

We don’t do that. Mum and dad decided they jumping about was part of me. I was kinda like TIGGER in Winnie the Pooh… always tossing through things, jumping about the place.tigger

But we did do things to help me understand WHY i was doing these different things. When i am really fidgety mum makes me USE energy like kicking a ball against a wall…or jumping up and down 10 times… or spinning around like a helicopter a few times…..and i complain but it does help more than the sit on your hands stuff, or pull up on your chair. So doing MORE with my body helps. Thats why i think drums are good for me cos i use so MUCH of me…hands, feet,…

This explains WHY i think i do the things. with everybody autistic there is either way to much sensory things happen and you have to block them out, or not enough and you have to do some!

  • if i go into a quiet place…i turn on the TV and then i do whatever …
  • i hum in school cos it is quiet
  • but if there is a noisy place in school i go away from it and sit in a corner and read and my reading closes out the noise.
  • at Mass, or when my body is meant to sit quiet, it needs to move….so i tap my feet, dig my nails into the wooden chairs, twist my feet up onto the chair behind me.
  • sometimes after school if i feel i had to be quiet for a long time or if i am stressed i need to do helicopters and stuff…that is spinning round in circles pretty fast til you get a bit dizzy.
  • for years i tapped and tapped and tapped…there was a Doctor Who rhythm of the Master and it got in my head for years!! I used to do it on the desk, and when i was told to stop i did it with my feet on the floor.
  • i used to do this clicking “tutting” sound when i was stressed when i was talking…like a tick before i would start a phrase.
  • sometimes i would rub my fingers past each other but tapping them on the table. That drives my bigger brother nuts.
  • i ALWAYS used to rock on the chair – especially in primary school…a few times i did it so much i would fall and be embarrassed…but i couldn’t help it cos i needed to move.
  • chewing on objects has always been a problem. When I was really little when babies put things in their mouths i used to have 5 dummies. 1 in my mouth and 2 in each hand and i used to change them when the one in my mouth would get warm, so it was a bit like juggling.
  • i used to when i got a bit older still like to have objects in each hand …so i used to grab wee guys 0r wee action figures and although i didn’t notice what i was doing, i would chew the heads off them. Then when they were ugly they were no use.
  • i then used to chew my pencils..and my classroom assistant used to go mad.
  • i went through a real phase of pencil sharpening…it was great cos i could get up and move off my seat AND use both my hands…my classroom assistant had to ration that one, cos i was chopping though pencils.
  • this year in school i use pens a fair bit. i don’t really chew them cos they plastic is snappy, but i accidentally suck up the ink and the pens stop working and then mum goes crazy at me! Then when i notice the pen is full of saliva i am grossed out and i never use it again!
  • i used to have chew toys…but they are mostly quite female so i would still chew my clothes sleeves by accident…especially when i am stressed.
  • i had different fidget toys from mum and from school and from the OT. The stretchy ones were good…but then i would forget and bite them.
  • there were other other fidget toys but i could take them apart and make noises with them and disturb the rest of the class…so they weren’t good.
  • I had the cushions with movement so i could move but i still needed to move more.
  • i need my knees up in front of me…one folded under my bum and the other one in front of me like this.IMG_00000092This tight position makes me feel compressed…which is the only way i manage not to move. My school are good and have got really used to my sit…and i do even get away with it on the science lab stools…even if i fall, it doesn’t matter as much, but if i had to sit another way i couldn’t concentrate!
  • I usually sit on a sofa with mum or dad, cos my feet are usually like a monkeys cos i like them bare and i like to move them  feeling things with them. I can lift things up with my toes! My mum says i have hobbit feet – not cos they are hairy, but i have toes with spaces between them and they are long and flat feet.IMG_00000093
  • When i am doing homework and am close up with mum i with either like the fabric in her clothes and be touching it without noticing – especially if it is a really cottonny top or HATE it if it has the hard threads of the man made fabrics….then my hands kness and feet all MOVE AWAY!
  • if there is a smell i hate – like agriculture i have to use one of my other senses to shut it out. Sometimes i need a squish (a compression hug).
  • oh there is one noise i do and i hear mum immediately “Fionn you are doing that whistling thing!” and i don’t know i am…
  • One time when i was about 3 years younger there was a really weird disturbing body odor smell at Mass. I couldn’t cope…i had to move back and forth in different chairs but it was still in my nose. Mum had to put a tiny piece of perfume out of her bag on my wrist so i could block out the smell. When it wore off i had to get it done again.
  • That day because i could hardly cope with it, i was clapping my hands without noticing and was very autistic to see.
  • There is ONE other big one i do and it drives my whole family NUTS…i can’t pass a musical instrument without playing on it for a while. Its like i have no choice but make tunes…
  • oh and sometimes i like to feel pressure upside down so i kinda do headstands on the sofa..or lie down with my legs up the wall pressing against the wall with my bare feet,
  • PARENTS and TEACHERS need to understand about STIMMING. We can’t help it. Our senses are “sensatious” and need more information than normal people’s and so it isn;t a behaviour it is your brain needing to do something.
  • i hope this helps some parents to understand.
Stim, stims or stimming is short for “stimulation”. Almost everyone does it(tapping feet, cracking knuckles, twiddling thumbs), but in autistic people these behaviors are more pronounced and may seem downright strange. Autistic people often engage in stimming when they are stressed, to self regulate and sometimes to express emotion. Common autistic stims are: rocking back and forth, headbanging(not the music kind), finger flicking/rippling, spinning, humming, repeating words or sounds and complex body contortions.
Good music makes me stim a lot. 
Stimming shouldn’t be discouraged, it’s a means for me to understand my environment.