the launch of AsIAm…the new autism hub!

Our Trip to Dublin On Monday a few weeks ago, our family drove up the road to Dublin. As you may know, Adam Harris is a 19 year old aspie, who was launching his new website called AsIAm is going to be to educate, to empower, to advocate and to build a community in […]

my gran died this week. She had alzheimers.

my gran had Alzheimers….and she died. my gran had Alzheimers. Alzheimers is a horrible disease that makes you slowly forget lots of things but then eventually – everything. I wrote most of this about her last year…about 6 months ago. Gran died last week. It was weird and it was extremely sad but i couldn’t cry. […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day! Today is Mother’s Day, and it’s mummy’s special day! On Mother’s Day you spoil your mum rotten, And you shower them with love! And presents! Mother’s Day means a lot to me because my mother is a really important character in my life, probably the most important! i loveAnd it’s like a […]

Different not less….Temple Grandin

Saw this picture and reminded me of this. “different not less”… Temple Grandin Today I watched Temple Grandin the movie…and i thought WOW! I already knew who she was but i had actually never watched the full film. Mummy has read me some things that she has written, and i thought WOW – this lady is […]

Fermanagh is happy…and I am too!

Today one of the local newspapers did a VIDEO to the music of “Happy” – by Pharrell Williams. They called it Fermanagh is Happy and used videos from the town of people dancing and being happy and all. there were politicians, Fr Brian, a minister, mayors, reporters, Ballinamallard FC, nurses…staff from shops… and local people. […]

i AM learning independence…we proved it!

We have been working on independence for a long time. Even when i am not at home now, it comes into how i do daily life. Like walking to the shop, doing homework by myself, going on the Gaelic bus. At the start independence was a big bit of a bother. I didn’t think i […]

the MRI

This week i did a post cos i was having to get an MRI. and i felt a bit nervous about it, so i blogged this. i have HAD the MRI now..and i lived. the room: was weird. Just seemed so quiet and had a weird freaky silence when i went in. There was […]